What is Happiness?

What is your definition of Happiness?

Most people say that happiness has a different meaning for everyone and it means different things to different people.

While this might be so, I feel that this is used as a convenient response by many people to hide their own unhappiness or lack of drive to pursue happiness.

When I looked up the meaning of happiness in the dictionary, happiness is defined as:

“a mental or emotional state of well being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may also reflect judgments by a person about their overall well being.”

Let’s look at this definition carefully.

A mental or emotional state ……. which tells us that how you think about things affect your happiness and that your thoughts impacts your happiness. Most of our thoughts are automatic and subconscious and to a large extent we do not have much control of our thoughts. The great news is however that we can change the thoughts that happen on an automatic basis and even better news is that it does not have to take a long time. This is amazing because it means that you can put happy thoughts on automatic.

Now the brian is like velcro for negative things and like teflon for positive things so it does take work to get the brain thinking happy thoughts. Thankfully, there is a process and framework to get the brain to a positive mental state on autopilot and this process is part of the Scientific Happiness system.

Most of the things we do today are on autopilot. For example I am pretty sure that you did not think of brushing your teeth today. Your brain looks at what you do habitually for a while and then automates it.

What if you can do an exercise for 5 minutes everyday for 21 days where you focus on the things you are grateful for, you will set the brain on autopilot to think grateful thoughts. It is impossible not to be happy when you  are thinking of the things you are grateful for.

Positive or pleasant emotions‘ ………. which tell us that we have a choice to be positive or negative about the things that happen in life. Now I know that stuff happens and we cannot be happy absolutely all of the time but certainly we have a choice in the majority of events in our life to either be happy or unhappy about it. It is said that events in our life is not really the problem but rather how we think about it.

With today’s technology we understand more than any other time in history how the brain works with respect to emotions. The brain essentially has an emotional centre (limbic brain) and a logic centre (cerebral cortex). Any stimuli that we have goes through the nervous system and up into our brain. The signal first goes to the emotional centre of the brain so we always first have an emotional response to the stimuli. Sometimes the signal stays right there in the limbic brain and if it is negative stimuli we sometimes have emotional highjack.

When the signal travels to the front of the brain, the logical brain or the cerebral cortex we are able to process the stimuli in a logical way and make a more informed decision now having been processed both emotionally and logically. The ability to identify our emotions and manage it properly is what is known as Emotional Intelligence.

Scientific Happiness builds your emotional intelligence and give better control of emotions leading to emotional freedom and happiness.

‘…ranging from contentment to intense joy….’ One of the best definitions of Happiness that I have ever heard is by Shawn Achor who defined Happiness as ‘the joy you feel moving towards your fullest potential‘. Joy is something that you can still feel even in the midst of something that may not be pleasurable. Moving to your fullest potential is going to take hard work, risks, and disappointment but you can still feel Joy in the progress that you are making.

There is the notion that successful and rich people are not happy because of the struggles to get there, but what successful people know that most people don’t know is that challenges and struggles are critical to success. It is the mindset towards the struggle that helps these successful people to overcome the challenge. They embrace challenges and are positive in their mindset about the challenges understanding that there is joy in the battle as well as the result of success.

The best saying I have heard on the issue of challenges is from Mr. Holton Buggs who said that the size of your dreams is equal to the size of your obstacles that will stop you from achieving your goals. Knowing this, it is still possible to find joy and happiness in tough times.

In Shawn Achor’s definition of happiness, he refers to the idea of one’s fullest potential. Scientific Happiness holds the notion that your fullest potential is tied to your purpose. We believe that we are all placed on this earth for a purpose and a reason, a divine appointment and our highest potential is living that purpose. We believe that many people are unhappy in their jobs (latest survey suggests that approximately 82% of people are generally dissatisfied with their job) because it is not aligned to their purpose or at least purposeful.

Purpose is at the core of Scientific Happiness and believes its like a sin to not find and live your purpose. The word ‘sin’ has a greek origin and it is related to archery and means to ‘miss your mark’. We believe to not find and live your purpose is to miss your mark. Scientific Happiness is a system to help people find their purpose and turn it into profitable careers (jobs or business) without losing their financial security.

‘…reflect judgements by a person about their overall well being‘…….we looked at the main areas of peoples live, the things that consumes peoples time and emotion and created a process to find success, happiness and fulfilment in these areas. We see happiness as both a journey and a destination. So Scientific Happiness looks at the scientifically proven process to create success and fulfilment in the core areas of physical health and wellness, emotional life, relationships, career, money and finances, spirituality and fun and recreation.

If we are overweight or generally unhealthy it is tough to feel good about ourselves and Scientific Happiness has a process to help people lose weight and generally live healthier and happier lives. Our physical health impacts our emotional life. If you see someone with their shoulders drooped you automatically assume something is wrong and the person is not in a positive mental state, so this is proof that our emotional state impacts our physical state and vice versa. Theres is a science of emotions and Scientific Happiness gives a proven process to control your emotions and even increase your positive emotions.

Our relationships have the single biggest impact on our happiness and how we feel about ourselves. Broken relationships affects our self esteem whilst great relationships can boost your positive emotions and self image. Happiness is not only an inside game, it is both and inside game and an outside game. Scientific Happiness uses a proven process to help you have better relationships.

We spend most of our adult lives building a career and success in this area affects our happiness. Currently close to 80% of people are generally dissatisfied with their jobs and this has a ripple effect in other areas of our lives including relationships, money and emotional life. At Scientific Happiness, we believe that the key to a successful career is finding and doing what you love which we believe is tied to your life purpose. We believe  that you will be most happy when you are doing the thing you were placed on this earth to do, your purpose. At Scientific Happiness, we help people find their purpose and turn it into profitable careers (jobs or business) without losing their financial security.

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About Shane Ram:
Shane Ram is a Happiness Engineer and Life Coach. He is the inventor and creator of Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find job and personal fulfilment. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 18 years from over 70 different countries and therefore understand people is a deeper way than most other people. He is a husband, father, author, Human Resources Expert and Entrepreneur. #ScientificHappiness #Happiness

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