Vision More Important Than Goals

Do you have a very clear vision for your life?

Did you know that while goals are critically  important to success in all areas of life, having  a clear vision is probably more important.

Having a clear long term vision gets you focus on the journey and not the  destination. Goals are more destination based.

Many people struggle with staying motivated as they pursue they goals and they try to PUSH through. However, having a vision PULLS you through the various challenges you will face on your journey and this is often easier than trying to PUSH through.

More over, a vision helps you to have a happier and more fulfilling life. Because a vision is broader than a goal, you may  actually never achieve the vision in this lifetime but you are always making progress up  until the  day you die. Happiness comes from Progress. The definition of happiness that I most connect with  is from Shawn Achor who defined happiness as the joy  you feel as you progress to your highest potential.

Our vision is usually an expression of our highest potential. Our happiness and fulfillment are therefore tied to our vision.

Why do I focus on happiness? As the great Greek Philosopher and Scientist said, happiness is the central purpose of human life. Most of us get caught up  in daily life and don’t often stop to think about the purpose of life. Some people do but where and from whom they seek advice often leads then down a path  of more questions and frustion. This causes most people to push  the  question of what is the purpose of life far into the back of their minds and go about daily life aimlessly.

Because most people do not stop to think about their vision, we offer a FREE strategy session to help you  define your vision and get you on the road to a happier and more fulfilling  life. Register NOW for your FREE strategy session and watch  your life change in 15 minutes



Shane Ram



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