Top Secret for Weight Loss and Keeping it off!

Did you know there is an absolute science to weight loss and more importantly keeping the weight off?

Its not really a secret, its just been drowned out by the advertisement of other diet and exercise programs that do not work.

Its simple and it mainly has to do with diet.

When you primarily eat foods high in acidity and you do not drink enough water (most people don’t) to flush it out, the body creates fat to store the acid to keep the acid away from your organs. Since most of your organs are in your mid section, this is where you would put on the most fat.

The key is deceptively simple. Make sure that the majority of your diet is alkaline foods. I would recommend a 70% Alkaline/30% Acid balance. This means that you can still have all your yummies and still lose weight. Alkaline may not sound tasty but there are many great tasting alkaline food and drinks. Some of my favourites are Brussel sprouts, Lemon (especially in a margarita), avocado with shrimp salad, kale in a papaya smoothie, certain organic gourmet coffee in a beautiful mocha, organic green tea sangria………..

If you have done a medical recently it would have your body’s PH and if not you can get a PH strip or meter at your pharmacy.

The scale is simple. Remember the litmus test you did when you were 10?:
0-7 Acid
7-14 Alkaline

Best is a PH of between 7-8.

Trust me, you don’t need to worry about counting calories, low fat, low carb, glycaemic index, gluten this and that (unless you are allergic), blah blah blah

Forget the carbs/protein balance…………the only balance you need is PH Balance.

Make sure and drink enough water though, so you flush out the stuff. Sorry if this sounds gross but it works like a toilet, it needs water to flush out the stuff.

Shane Ram is a Life Coach and Transformationalist. He is the inventor and creator of Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find job and personal fulfilment. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 18 years from over 70 different countries. #ScientificHappiness

Shane Ram



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