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Steve Harvey's Secret?
What is your opinion now of Steve Harvey? It really does not matter what your opinion is and I do[...]
Do you have balance?
What's the point of having a great career and your family is in shambles? What's the point of being super[...]
Enemies just as important as your Friends!
  My four previous tips on making 2016 your best year ever, by setting and achieving goals, focused on what[...]
This 2-minute survey reveals of you're truly l happy.
Up until 8 years ago, I was one of those people who struggled with their weight their entire life. I[...]
Do you Believe?
  How many of the goals you have written down, did you believe undoubtedly that you will achieve? I can bet[...]
Impactful and engaging talks that captivate audiences.
Have Shane speak at your event section – do you want an impactful and engaging speaker at your event that[...]
Powerful coaching for permanent positive change
We use the word happiness so much that it's become meaningless. It's a shame that We take for granted such[...]
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