Science of Attraction – How to use it to get what you want in life.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?

Do you think it’s kind of woo woo?

I understand why you might think so but do you know that their is scientific research that proves how it works?

Stop for a moment and really listen to all of the  sounds around you. It could be  the air condition unit/vent, music, cars on the road, people speaking, a radio, a cell phone ringing……

Now imagine that someone was sitting in front of you and they were speaking and you were listening to them. Would you still be hearing the cars, the ac, music, other people speaking?

Actually your ears will still be picking  up all of those sounds but  you really won’t be hearing them while you are listening to the person in front of you.

How does that work? How does focusing on the person you  are listening  to drown out the other sounds?

We were all blessed with a Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is located in the core of the brain stem. This essentially acts as a filter, firstly so that we don’t do freaking mad by having to consciously process all the various stimuli that the  brain  is bombarded with  every second of our waking life. In other words to prevent us from consciously processing the sounds from the cars on the road, the ringing cell phone, people speaking all at the  same time. It is also filters what goes into our subconscious mind from the conscious mind, but more on that later.

So how does the RAS know what to focus on, in this example, which of the sounds your are hearing, to give the most attention to? It knows what to focus on, simply by what we tell it to focus on.

But Shane, I don’t speak to my RAS!

You do, but in a sub conscious manner.

The RAS is programmed by what you  focus on and what you  give your repeated attention. Usually enhanced when there is good strong emotion attached to it. So have you even noticed when you decided to buy a car or another item that suddenly you start to see other cars like that? It’s not that a lot of people went out and bought that car just because you got interested in buying one like that. The cars were always there  (like the sounds around you) but now you  have placed focus on that particular car, the RAS gets programmed to focus  on that particular car.

What if you  can deliberately, instead of subconsciously, program your RAS to focus on the opportunities and things that will help you to achieve the life that you want?

You can and I will explain in this article.

The RAS works like Google, or rather Google was designed based on how the RAS works. Your body is such an amazing thing.

When you enter a search on Google, the system looks for the most frequently viewed page containing your seach criteria in the most recent past. It goes through millions of pages in a nanosecond and locates and prioritises based on the most frequently accessed and relevant pages.

Your RAS works the same way. It is programmed by the most frequent and repetitive thoughts that you have. The  trouble is that 90% of our thoughts are subconscious, meaning that you are not aware of most of your thoughts and therefore not aware of how  you are programming your RAS.

But the brain  is very trainable and just as how your repeitive thoughts are now on autopilot you can choose what your repetitive thoughts are and put the right thoughts on autopilot.

What thoughts would you want on autopilot?

Thoughts that would lead you to the life you  want to live, the thoughts that will help  you in achieving your goals be it career, relationship, health or money.

Having properly written goals which are reviewed everyday is how many successful people program their RAS to attract the things they want in their lives.

One of the  reasons many people think that the Law of Attraction is woo woo, it because they  think it means that you just have to think it and it will be yours.

It actually is that you  think it and the opportunities, people and resources to achieve the goals become more visible. Just like the car that you  decided to buy and similar ones suddenly becomes more visible to you.

This is why the law of attraction  fanatics say that you can have anything  that you want in life. It is true but it does not happen simply by  thinking  about  it, writing  it down and creating a vision board. These things help tremendously to achieving your goals but ACTION is always  required for goal achievement.

I remember coaching some financial advisors and I had two of them at the opposite end of the  scale in terms of success and income. I have one the company’s top performers and lets say she earned $3M a year. I had another one who earned $300K per year. They have very different clientele, or rather they have attracted very different clientelle. The more successful one is able to attract clients that can pay $30K a month  in premiums and the other attracts clients who can pay $300 per month. So in a crowded mall the top financial advisor is going to be able to pinpoint quite naturally the client who can potentially pay $30K per month in premiums and the  other financial advisor would pass that potential client like any other person in the mall.

This is how the law of attraction works and its scientific.

Now, there are other skills that you and the financial advisor would have to develop to become successful and maximising the opportunities that the  law of attraction creates.

The number one reason why people who try the law of attraction and do not have success is that they are constantly changing their minds about what they want. The number  one reason for this is that people do not have clearly focused goals. It is said that only 95% of the people in the world have goals and only 1% have laser focused goals.

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About Shane Ram:
Shane Ram is a Happiness Engineer and Life Coach. He is the inventor and creator of Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find job and personal fulfilment. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 18 years from over 70 different countries. He is a husband, father, author, Human Resources Expert and Entrepreneur. #ScientificHappiness #Happiness

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