Powerful coaching for permanent positive change

Did you know that as much as 87% of people are not happy in the jobs?
Did you know that money is now the #1 cause of stress?
Are you happy with your financial situation?
What about your health and relationships?
Is your career fulfilling?

Imagine a life where you are happy in all areas of your life without having to change much.

You don’t need to imagine anymore!

Welcome to Shane Ram Style Coaching which is based on Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find Job and Personal Fulfilment.

Whether you’re ready to find a job you love, be wholly healthy, or create profound relationships, the work you do with your coach will provide inspiration, insights and straightforward instruction on how to realize your every dream. We specialize in happiness. The permanent kind.

How it works:
• Schedule a Free Strategy Session to determine if Shane Ram Style Coaching can help you.
• Discuss current challenges and your personal goals.
• Determine your budget and your scheduling arrangements.
• Design your unique program to suit your goals, challenges, budget and schedule.
• Meet with your coach once per week. This is done via phone or Skype with a duration of approximately one hour.
• Action plans and homework are assigned during every session and you can liaise with your coach via txt or email.

Shane Ram Style
Shane Ram Style uses Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find Job and Personal Fulfilment. We believe that everyone has a purpose, their unique value to the world and whether you find it or not is going to determine your level of happiness in life. We have a scientifically backed system, which helps you do that.  Scientific Happiness is a proven process to help you discover your purpose and turn it into profitable business without losing your financial independence.

Schedule your Free Strategy Session to learn more about our private coaching options and how Shane Ram Style can set you on the path to job and personal fulfilment.

We use the word happiness so much that it’s become meaningless. It’s a shame that We take for granted such an important part of our lives and live with the question that is constantly nagging us: “Is this is as good as it gets?”. I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT as good as it gets. I’ve worked with dozens of people to help them identify what really makes them happy and how to achieve it.

Schedule a Free Strategy Session With Shane and watch your life change in 30-minutes.



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