Go For 10!

Limited Spaces Available

Do you dream of the freedom that starting your own business will give you, but you have been only 98% ready to make the leap and quite your corporate job until now?

Do you keep telling yourself that “someday” you’ll take the leap? (But never actually do?)

Do you yearn to take better care of your family?

Maybe you want to help your parents (who have worked so hard) to finally retire and enjoy their golden years. Or maybe you’re wanting to spend more time with your partner, children or loved ones?

Do you feel trapped by your corporate job, but know you can earn more and do it in a way that serves others?

Are you ready to stop wasting time and finally follow through on your business intentions?

Apply NOW to Build or Grow Your Dream Business, Change Lives, travel the world, spend more time with your family, do more for your parents and quit your job (even if you are not sure your business will replace your income).

Go For 10! is for the already successful corporate executive or entrepreneur who wants to:

  1. Impact more lives than they are actually doing now. (How deep and meaningful is your work to peoples lives and how many people are you making this deep impact with?)
  2. Create a legacy brand/product and generational wealth. (Is your business providing a service to the world that you care about delivering, that others need and want and could live on beyond your time on this earth?”
  3. Operate at a higher level of consciousness. (“Does your  business have a higher mission, vision and values that mean more  to you than simply making money?” )



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