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I have high energy for my work, family and recreation.

I am at my ideal weight and I am happy with how I look.

When things happen, I focus more on the Positive than the Negative.

My current life matches my expectations.

I am very clear about what I have control over and what I do not, and do not Stress about the things I do not have control over.

My intimate relationships provide a sense of personal growth.

I feel stable and secure in my intimate relationship.

I  have a strong feeling of closeness and union with my partner.

I have fulfilling relationships with family and friends.

My major occupation is aligned to my major purpose in life and it gives me great meaning.

I have a sense of belonging in my major occupation and my personal values are aligned with that of my organization.

My current major occupation causes me to grow as a person.

I am efficient at earning money, the time I spend earning money does not interfere with my other activities (family, recreation, other pursuits etc).

My current income allows me to handle my regular and unexpected expenses with no stress.

I have enough savings and/or passive income to handle any situation.

I am comfortable in the physical spaces I occupy (work, home, car etc.)

I contribute to a cause beyond myself in a meaningful way.

I have strong faith that sustains me throughout my life.



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