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How could I forget to share this with you. I earlier gave 10 critical criteria for a properly set and complete goal (http://shaneram.com/goals-criteria/)  and it was really remiss of me to leave out the one of the most important elements, ‘antifragility’.

Wikipedia says that Antifragility is a property of systems that increase in capability, resilience, or robustness as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.

Simply put, something that is anti fragile gets stronger when is it bombarded with stressors and resistance.

For you to achieve your goals, especially the really big ones, your goals must be antifragile. In the #1 business book in the world, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, it is said that the starting point of all achievement is a burning desire. This does not simply mean that you should really want to achieve your goal but rather work yourself up in a hot white heat to be able to achieve the big goals.

The people who understand the laws of success know that challenges are an integral part of success and welcome it. Therefore, in order to really achieve your big goals, you have to be more than prepared to deal with the challenges that will come, you will have to get stronger every time there is a challenge, in other words you and your goals will have to become antifragile.

You should set goals that you are so passionate about that the more difficult it gets, the more driven you to accomplish your goals. Scientific Happiness has a system called Scientific Goal Achievement which ensures that the goal setting process is complete with ensuring that goals are antifragile.

There is a place for belief in goal achievement and it is also a skill to build belief. One of the best sayings I have heard on the topic of belief in relation to pursing goals is ‘if you give up, you never really believed in the first place’.

I highly recommend the book ‘The Magic of Believing’ by Claude Bristol.

Belief helps with overcoming challenges.

Once you set goals you are going to have challenges. The law of success that is at play here is called the Law of Opposites. For us to experience something new we must first experience the opposite. It is similar to the Ying and Yang concept. This is  why it is said that you cannot have success without failure.

And, the bigger your goals, hope and dreams the bigger will be the challenges. A great mentor of mine put it this way ‘the size of your goals is equal to the size of the obstacles that will try and stop you from achieving your goals’.

The fact that obstacles are presented means that that they can be overcome. Ultra successful people will always say that they are not necessarily smarter to more talented than other people in their field but rather that they are able to withstand the challenges longer than most other people.

It is really our perspective about the challenges that is key to having success.

Challenges serve two purposes:

  1. To test if you really have a burning desire for your goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations or are they just wishful thinking. Most people have wishes and only 5% of the world actually have goals. Most people have and will die with their hopes and aspirations inside to them as they are not able to work themselves into a hot white heat of desire to achieve their goals, there is no energy and passion.
  2. To ensure that you learn the necessary skills to over come your challenges and have success. In order to achieve big goals in any area of life there will be skills and competencies you will have to master. Mastering these competencies will equip you to overcome challenges so challenges should be viewed as an indication of what you have to learn. Honestly, the list of skills and competencies could be very long, but life longing could be such fun and a source of happiness.

Some critical skills and competencies for success regardless of area of life and business:

  • Belief
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Planning
  • Time Management (especially the ability to say NO when it is not in your schedule/action plan)
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Constant learning
  • Creativity
  • Listening
  • High Energy
  • Love
  • Passion
  • The ability to change (your thoughts, your actions, your words etc)
  • Self Analysis
  • Happiness
  • Fulfilment

Remember ‘Success without Fulfillment and Happiness is the ultimate failure’ Tony Robbins.

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