Do you Believe?


How many of the goals you have written down, did you believe undoubtedly that you will achieve?

I can bet not much.

How can I be so sure? Because most people quit and give up on most of their goals and dreams.

If you were 100% sure, why did you stop?

Tip #6 – Only write goals that you completely 100% believe you will achieve.

It is a critical part of the formula:

Conceive + Believe = Achieve

A simple test to check your belief about past goals is if you continue to work at it or have given up.

If you have given up, then you really don’t believe. Not sure if you agree with that? Then why did you stop if you believe you can achieve it?

About Shane: Shane Ram is the inventor of Scientific Happiness, a proven system to find Job and Personal Fulfillment. He is a coach, author and entrepreneur with 18 years experience,  and worked with over 6,000 people from at least 70 different countries.

Shane Ram



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