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Do you have balance?

What’s the point of having a great career and your family is in shambles?

What’s the point of being super educated and not really helping anyone?

What’s the point of having lots of money but little or no time?

Imagine a life where you can have an uncompromised life. One in which you are doing the career you love, making lots of money and still having time to enjoy the money and the people in your life.

Well you don’t need to imagine anymore! There is a simple system to help you live the life you want.

But first you have to define the life you want by setting goals in each area of your life.

Tip #4 Set goals in ALL areas of your life.

Look out for more tips on how you can make 2016 your best year ever!

I will soon be having a Master Class where I will reveal the 3 most impot secrets to setting and achieving any goal.

Watch the Space!

Steve Harvey’s Secret?

What is your opinion now of Steve Harvey?

It really does not matter what your opinion is and I do not mean to be disrespectful when I say that because everyone will have an opinion about being in a position that they will probably never be in.

Steve Harvey was living his dream.

What is his secret?

When Steve was a kid, his school teacher asked everyone in the class to write on a piece of paper what they wanted to be in life. Steve wrote ‘I want to be on Television’. Most of the other kids wrote the typical things teacher, engineer, pilot, fireman, accountant…..

The teacher was calling out all the children’s names and their desired profession but she did not call Steve’s name. The teacher whisked him away to the principal’s office and they called in his mother. He was asked to explain what is this nonsense about being on TV and was berated. His mother called his father to let him know that he needs to have a serious talk with Steve.

That afternoon Steve’s dad came home and asked him what was this situation about and Steve explained.

Here is the secret. 95% of you will pass over this secret as simplistic but here goes. His dad told him to take a piece of paper and write one of the typical jobs and give it to the teacher, but keep the one your wrote ‘I want to be on TV’  in your top drawer and look at it every morning and every night.

95% of people do not have goals written down in their own hand writing. Your subconscious recognises your hand writing and your goals which sets you up for success.

Not only did Steve Harvey end up on TV, he got to host one of the biggest Television shows on the planet.

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