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Happy Everyday?

Do you think Happiness is a journey or a destination?

Did you know that most people wait for the achievement of something (that ideal job, a certain income, perfect partner and relationship etc) to celebrate and be happy?

I will be happy when ……………

Ralph Walso Emerson said that Life is a journey and not a destination. In my exprience in coaching many clients I have found that the reason why people do anything in thier life is ultimately to be happy.

Then, Happiness is a Journey and not a Destination.

So how can we be happy in our everyday lives?

Thats the idea behind Scientific Happiness.

Scientific Happiness looks are the core areas of life and using scientifically proven research and techniques, helps people to find happiness in everything that they do.

The core areas are:
Health and Physical – The Science of Being Well
Emotional – The Science of Emotional Freedom
Relationships – The Science of Happy Relationships
Career – The Science of Job/Career Fulfilment
Money – The Science of Money and Wealth

Through the Scientific Happiness Programs we help people find job and personal fulfillment and ultimately happiness.

There are many who would say Happiness is from that inside and that you cannot find it on the external but our belief is the they are really one and the same, because your external is really a reflection of your internal.

Most people are actively engaging in activities everyday in these areas of their lives so Scientific Happiness provides a proven methodology to have happiness in all these areas.

Go here now to book a complimentary session on how you can find happiness in your everyday  life

Be Happy

Shane Ram

First Steps to Multiple Income Streams

Did you know that most people desire multiple streams of income?

Do you know the reason why most people are not successful at having multiple streams of income?

Did you know that to achieve multiple sources of income is a lot easier than you think?

Imagine a life where you can rest comfortably that you don’t have to struggle to earn money and that you can handle any financial situation that arises with no stress. Well you don’t need to imagine anymore. Some people have been doing it successfully and now it is even easier to have multiple streams of income.

It was not always easy for me but much better now. Growing up in a poor home with unschooled parents, with no electricity until I was 11, life was about day to day survival. Doing enough to get by. It was hard sitting next to the richest person in the class who was always traveling during school vacation while I would cry my eyes out because I could not get to go on the scout trip because we did not have money.

So I made it a mission to get out of this situation and also ensure that my future generations will never be in this situation. Did the typical thing to educate myself out of this situation. Got a first degree and 2 Masters and had senior managerial jobs in a short space of time. Started investing in mutual funds and pension plans. That did not work. Yes my financial situation improved but my goal of generational wealth could not be achieved with what I was doing.

At 37, I made a decision that I must change because what I was doing was not working for what I wanted in my life and I was determined that god, my family and the world demanded more of me. Since then I have spent a lot of time researching residual income streams, reviewing business models, reading and following successful people, attending numerous training programs etc.

Now the portfolio is:
1) Full time job as HR Director
2) Part time and online Life and Wellness Coach.
3) Part time author
4) Part time speaker/trainer
5) Part time and online gourmet beverage business
6) Real Estate Investor
7) No financial instruments

Hold on, I know you might be saying to yourself where am I going to find the time and money but I promise if you have a plan, it is simple.

Here is the starter plan, the first steps you MUST Take of have real multiple sources of income:

1) Adopt this mind-set and daily mantra – Full time on my job, part time on my Fortune.
2) Get a mentor or a coach who has achieved in real terms what you want to achieve. Someone who is completely open and transparent. My mentors shared all their best advice openly, no holding back and one even invited my family to his home in Houston so I know its the real deal. Warning: Friends, family members, acquaintances, financial advisors, co-workers do not usually meet the criteria as a mentor or coach.

3) Choose your first additional source of income. Choose ONLY ONE. Choose well and spend the time with this ONE source until you have made it a true consistent source of residual income.

4) Choose 2nd additional source of income. Repeat.

NB – None of my additional income sources cost more than $2,000 to start.

About Shane Ram
Shane Ram is a Life Coach and Transformationalist. He is the inventor and creator of Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find job and personal fulfilment. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 18 years from over 70 different countries. #ScientificHappiness

Top Secret for Weight Loss and Keeping it off!

Did you know there is an absolute science to weight loss and more importantly keeping the weight off?

Its not really a secret, its just been drowned out by the advertisement of other diet and exercise programs that do not work.

Its simple and it mainly has to do with diet.

When you primarily eat foods high in acidity and you do not drink enough water (most people don’t) to flush it out, the body creates fat to store the acid to keep the acid away from your organs. Since most of your organs are in your mid section, this is where you would put on the most fat.

The key is deceptively simple. Make sure that the majority of your diet is alkaline foods. I would recommend a 70% Alkaline/30% Acid balance. This means that you can still have all your yummies and still lose weight. Alkaline may not sound tasty but there are many great tasting alkaline food and drinks. Some of my favourites are Brussel sprouts, Lemon (especially in a margarita), avocado with shrimp salad, kale in a papaya smoothie, certain organic gourmet coffee in a beautiful mocha, organic green tea sangria………..

If you have done a medical recently it would have your body’s PH and if not you can get a PH strip or meter at your pharmacy.

The scale is simple. Remember the litmus test you did when you were 10?:
0-7 Acid
7-14 Alkaline

Best is a PH of between 7-8.

Trust me, you don’t need to worry about counting calories, low fat, low carb, glycaemic index, gluten this and that (unless you are allergic), blah blah blah

Forget the carbs/protein balance…………the only balance you need is PH Balance.

Make sure and drink enough water though, so you flush out the stuff. Sorry if this sounds gross but it works like a toilet, it needs water to flush out the stuff.

Shane Ram is a Life Coach and Transformationalist. He is the inventor and creator of Scientific Happiness, a proven system to help you find job and personal fulfilment. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 18 years from over 70 different countries. #ScientificHappiness

How I Got To Speak In Dubai — The Secret to Achieving Big Goals

Would you like to achieve a big goal? Achieving big goals is a science. I’m not talking about losing 10 pounds or cleaning out the attic by the end of the month. A big goal is losing 50 pounds or doubling your income.

The more I delve and play around with the Science of goal setting and achievement the more I refine my programs and best of all my clients get to benefit from it. My passion is impacting lives and speaking in front of large audiences is one thing I enjoy and want to do more off.

I received a book from a keynote speaker – for free (there is also a science of asking and receiving) and was reading his vivid account of his experience of speaking at an event in Dubai. I connected with this vision and I also set a vision to speak in one of the most spectacular places on the planet. I knew I had to take action for my vision to become a reality so I jumped online to check for conferences in HR, where I have expert knowledge. Most all of the conferences for this year were closed off for speakers except 2.

I sent in my application with ‘no level of expectation’. Some thought leaders in personal development advocates, setting the vision/goal, put in the work and leave it alone. There is an art to finding the right time to relax and let go of the expectation of the success but this is what I did and now, I am going to speak in Dubai in November 2016 here:

The average person is effective at accomplishing smaller goals, but struggles with big goals. Big goals aren’t any more difficult. They just require a different strategy.

And mental garbage is the biggest obstacle between you and achieving your BIG goals. The thought of making a million dollars might sound great, but may also be a part of you that clenches when you think about accomplishing much more than you’re accustomed to accomplishing. This discomfort is a sign from our subconscious that it’s not entirely on board with our goal.

There are many techniques to deal with this discomfort. You can pray or meditate. You can focus on a positive outcome. You can re-frame the situation. Do whatever helps you to feel better.

If you can’t visualize the achievement of your goal and feel 100% positive, it will be challenging to achieve.

Here are a few tips that can help:

1. Focus on your habits. Your ideal body is the result of your eating and exercise habits. Losing 50 pounds is the result of having the appropriate habits and being patient enough to enjoy the results. What habits do you need to implement to make achieving your goals automatic?

Avoid the belief that huge success is the result of a single, spectacular action. Small changes in behavior and focus can provide the same, impressive results over time.

2. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it’s not fair to expect something amazing to happen in a week. Set a reasonable timetable and relax. Big goals are marathons, not sprints. Read biographies of those that accomplished impressive things. The time and patience spent by our heroes are impressive.

Practice patience by learning to be patient in everyday situations. We all have plenty of opportunities. Waiting in line, sitting in traffic, or waiting at the doctor’s office are just a few examples. Just relax and breathe.

3. Only choose goals that are highly meaningful. A goal is much easier to achieve if you passionately want to achieve it. Some people bite off more than their motivation can chew. A big goal requires commitment, sacrifice, and time. Avoid goals that aren’t worth the cost. You’ll only be wasting your time.

Big goals are exciting and life changing, but big goals are often avoided because of the likelihood of failure. There is a process to making significant changes in your life. Be clear on your objective and create habits that bring you closer to that objective each day. Measure your results to stay motivated and ensure that you’re making progress. Reach your first big goal!

Financial Independence/Freedom

Do you want Financial Independence/Freedom?

For many years if anyone asked me that question I would have replied with an emphatic YES! But after I became a Life Coach I realised that it was a goal/challenge for most of my clients so I started to investigate further into the matter.

I found that most people claim they want it, but most people do not know what it was, including me.

Financial Independence is having income that will cover your life and lifestyle needs that is INDEPENDENT of you. It means that you have income regardless of your own efforts such that if something were to happen to you or you decide to take a year off (FREEDOM) that you still have money coming in that will cover all your expenses and then some.

Wow, I realised that most people will never become financially independent if they continue doing what they are doing. Most people have jobs or are self employed as their single biggest income which means that if they do not work, they do not get paid and therefore do not have a form of income that can cover their life and lifestyle expenses if they cannot work.

So here is the cold hard fact, you will NEVER become financially independent with a job, alone. Self employed? I am sure it feels great to have your own small business but you are in the same boat as people with jobs.

So how do you go about attaining Financial Independence? Look out for Part 2 of this article!

In the mean while, if you connect with me on LinkedIn I will send you an FREE ebook by my book coach and best selling author Mr. Mike Litman entitled ‘Conversations with Millionaires’.

See you at the Top, the bottom is very crowded!

Shane Ram
Life and Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Author
[email protected]

4 Ways to Earn Income

How many ways are you earning your income? Are you aware of all the ways to earn income?

#1 – Your Own Effort (YOE) – 97% of the world earn from this first way of generating income. The people who use this method have jobs or are either self employed. They use only their effort to generate income or if they hire a few people the business still cannot run without them. This is somewhat risky as if you use this method and you don’t work or are laid off you cannot earn. Major disadvantage is that you can never maximise your earning potential via this means because your effort is limited therefore your income will be limited.

#2 – Other Peoples Efforts (OPE) – These are essentially the 3% business owners who use the efforts of the 97%. They are able to compound their income potential as their income is no longer limited to their own efforts. They essentially ‘buy’ the YOE’s time at wholesale and sell it at retail and make the profits.

#3 – Other People’s Ideas (OPI) – These are the same business owners who hire other people to generate ideas to grow the business owners income and wealth. They know very well how to hire the best people and get their ideas to work for them. Simple enough.

#4 – Other People’s Money (OPM) – These are smart investors and business people. They hardly ever use their money to generate income. They almost always use other peoples money, essentially from banks and customers. For example, a real estate investor will borrow the banks money (really the money of people who do not know how to invest properly and leave it in the bank at very low interest, 10% or less) and buys a property, rents it to a tenant and uses the tenant’s money to pay the bank and the rest is profits!

If you only use #1, Your Own Effort and you want to learn more about systems that incorporate #2, #3 and #4 please send email to [email protected] or call +868.351.5000

Why you have given up on your dreams/goals…

How long is your list of dreams and goals that you never achieved?

Do you find that you keep trying and ‘failing’?

Does it seem to never work out as you wish?

There is a law that governs why most people give up on their dreams and goals and why they say ‘well, it was never meant to be’.

Its called the Law of Opposites. You see, you cannot experience anything unless you experience that which it is not. Ok, let me explain in simple terms, you cannot know what cold is unless you know what hot is.

The moment you set a goal or have a dream, the exact opposite situation begins to be created in your life. If you want more love and a life partner you encounter the opposite (at first), if you want more money, the bills starts to pill up from ‘no where’ and unexpected expenses come up. It is a natural law that works instantaneously. So most people get disenchanted about their goal and eventually give up.

There is a universal religious teaching that says ‘Judge not by appearances’. The ‘Truth’ is that you can have, be and do anything you desire but most people buy into the illusion of the appearance of lack, poor health, bad relationships.

So, set your goals and persist until achieved and do not buy into the ‘appearances’ of it not being achieved.

Remember that the greatest challenge and the hardest point in your journey happens just before your greatest success, but 97% of people give up when it becomes difficult. The 3% ultra successful knows that right behind the greatest ‘difficult/challenge’ lies the greatest success.

Are you sure you are doing the ‘Right’ thing?

Are you sure you are doing the ‘Right’ thing to achieve what you want out of life?

Unfortunately, most people think they are, but yet 95% of people do not achieve the majority of their goals.

Do you think eating a balanced meal with enough vegetables, water and some exercise will keep you free of disease? No! Disease cannot exist in an oxygenated and alkaline body so the ‘Right’ thing for a disease free body is to get it alkaline and oxygenated.

Do you think that working hard at your job is the ‘Right’ thing to do to lead you to financial independence? Impossible! Your income could never be ‘Independent’ of you as long as you have a job, self employed or own a small business, impossible.

Do you think that your education will set you free? My two Masters Degrees were great but unfortunately not the ‘Right’ education for what I wanted to achieve. As a matter of fact the ‘Right’ knowledge for what most people want in their lives cannot be found in a University.

Are the persons you are listening to or reading the ‘Right’ people to lead you to your emotional, spiritual and financial freedom?

As an avid Student of Life, I can tell you that a lot of things I did previously did not lead me to my highest potential and all of my goals.

Investing in mutual funds, fixed deposits, pension plans and forex since I was 23 did not lead to financial independence so I had to learn the ‘Right’ thing to do to lead to financial independence. Do you think Richard Branson, Carlos Slim, Bill Gates have pension plans? Lol. They obviously have a plan but I promise you that their retirement plan is not what everybody else has. And that is not because they are wealthy, they are wealthy because they knew the ‘Right’ thing to do.

Being a vegetarian, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water made me very healthy but I had to learn the ‘Right’ thing to make my body disease free.

Most of my life I was not doing the ‘Right’ thing to find my soul mate and have a fulfilling and significant relationship. Thank god, I am now experiencing what I always wanted to experience and I hope too for a long long time.

Stop and ask yourself if you are doing the ‘Right’ thing towards your goals or ask someone who have achieved what you wish to achieve and duplicate it.

To your emotional and financial freedom!

Shane Ram

[email protected]

How could you have lots of ‘Assets’ but no wealth?

A very unfortunate incident that I heard of gave rise to a very important lesson.

I learnt of a very successful businessman who passed away recently. While he was ailing he had to sell some ‘assets’ to get cash to pay for his medical treatment. When I dug a little into the matter I found out that what most people think are ‘assets’ are really liabilities.

For most of my adult life, I always thought that houses, cars, land etc were assets but I was only 95% correct. Certainly if you go to a bank or other financial house and you are asked to complete a ‘Statement of Affairs’, houses, cars, land are all listed under the assets section. Until I was properly educated by Robert Kiyosaki I thought the banks and financial institutions understood about financial planning, now I know I was 95% incorrect about that.

So whats the 5% and why is it significant?

Here is the little thing that changed everything. A house that you live in and pay a mortgage for is a Liability. A house that you rent is an Asset!!!

Simple, if the ‘thing’ causes a net outflow, it is a Liability. If the ‘thing’ causes a net inflow, its an Asset.

So the land you have sitting there paying a mortgage on (might be considered passive income if the value increases and ONLY if you sell it) is really a liability. If you were to lease the land for a monthly or annual rent then it becomes an asset!

Yes, you can go and burn all those accounting text books that mis-educated you and kept some many educated people financially illiterate.

So this businessman was very Rich but not wealthy. He did not have enough Income Generating assets such that the income for the assets could pay for this treatment so he had to sell the Liabilities to get cash.

Lesson: Buy Income Generating Assets and/or get into a business where there is ongoing residual income.

Are you an eagle or a chicken?

At birth, the eagle and the chicken look almost the same. They both have wings and can fly but only the eagles know deep down inside that they can soar. We are all born with ultimate potential but only few really know themselves and soar.

Eagles are very selective. Chickens take anything people throw at them. Have you just taken the job thrown at you or do you select the job or career that you really really want? What about your salary, have you chosen your salary or do you take what they throw at you?

Eagles look for the highest point on the mountain top to build their nest. Chickens, well, they will settle just about anywhere. Have your reached the pinnacle of your career or are you settling for middle management at best?

Chickens live in coops. Are the 4 walls that you clock into everyday beginning to feel like a coop?

Eagles build their nests with the coarsest materials so that they can never stand in one place too long and so never become too comfortable in one spot. Chickens make themselves comfortable anywhere. Have you made yourself comfortable in one career with a few skills in one company for the last 10 years?

Eagles hang out with just a few other eagles. Chickens hang out in their masses. Are you doing what the masses are doing or are you like the eagle who observe the masses and do the opposite.

Mama eagles take their babies high up in the clouds and drop them, they always end up flapping their wings and flying to safety. Chickens, they believe they should stay close to the ground because they are not sure they can fly. Are you staying close to your comfort zone? Are you staying far away from your highest potential because you are not sure you can fly?

You are born for greatness so be an eagle. Don’t settle for the job they gave you, for the salary that you know you can do a lot better than and stay in the coopbacle that they put you in.



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